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Today have a go at this little game, make sure you try and blend the sounds and read the word you make each time.

Then go on a leaf hunt, talk about the leaves, use as many different descriptive words as possible. Collect some and sort them into groups, how many different ways could you sort them?

Listen to Greg tell you a story here and then have a go at his challenges...


For maths print out or draw your own 10 frame and find some counters. Show children an arrangement of counters on a ten frame for a very short amount of time - try a second, or even half a second! Ask your child to attempt to replicate the same arrangement of counters on their ten frame.

One more: This is an extension to the memory game. Show children the counters on a ten frame, but challenge them to give the number that is one more than this. You could extend it further by asking for one less, double or half of the number shown.

 You can play more 10 frame games here:

Create a 10 frame outside with chalk or sticks and then time yourself to collect particular objects to fill your frame, stones, leaves etc. You can only put one object in at a time and then run to get the next object.