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Today for maths pretend some of your teddies are having a birthday, can you make them all birthday cards, make sure you have the number on the cards. Maybe make them a cake and put the right number of candles on.  Can you do some birthday maths and add up how old 2 or 3 of your teddies are altogether?  Make this party game to play: you will need 6 little pieces of paper or post its, a cup , a fly swat or wooden spoon or something similar and 6 small items, beans or gems for example. Start by putting groups od dots on the pieces of paper, 1-6 like you would see on the dice.  Then ask a grown up to hide a number of the gems or beans whichever you have, under the cup. When they lift the cup swat the right piece of paper with the same number of dots as items. The idea is to instantly recognise the number rather than to count. 


Watch the video on tapestry for phonics and then have a go at writing some secret messages to the people in your house. Think of some great places to hide them.

Practise the spellings from yesterday and see if you can learn the new poem by heart! Don't forget you could have a helicopter story session and start with reciting as many of the poems you can by heart! (Furry, furry squirrel, popcorn, a little seed etc etc.)