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It is nearly half term and you have done so well Willow class.

Watch a RWI lesson if you can today. Then ask your grown up to read you your favourite story, pick a scene from this after and see if you can recreate it, use an old shoe box or cereal box, paint and/or anything else you may need to make it look like the scene from the story. Look at these pictures can you guess  which story these are from?

Today for maths I would like you to do some measuring and weighing. Can you see if you can order your family by height? who is the tallest and who is the smallest? What about measuring some plants outside? I have been growing sunflowers and they are slowly getting taller every day, can you measure any of your plants? Have a look at the powerpoint and help decide about the parcels, next you could save the superheroes on the sheet. As a challenge see if you can help with some cooking and weigh out the ingredients.