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Home School Agreement

We firmly believe that the education of the child is best developed from a strong partnership between home and school. 

We are required to publish a Home School Agreement and to invite parents and carers of all pupils who are registered with the school to sign a declaration of support when they join the school.

As pupils move into Lime class (yr5), we ask pupils to sign a further agreement concerning e-safety alongside their parents or carers.

We will keep a copy of the signed agreements on your child’s school file.


We recognise that parents and carers are a child’s first and enduring teacher. You play a crucial role in helping your children to learn. Research shows that pupils will be more successful in their learning when schools and parents work together. A parent partnership is more effective when parents know what it is the school is trying to achieve and how they can help. The aim of the Home-School Agreement is to provide a framework supporting the growth of our partnership.

We attach a great importance to the regular and punctual attendance of school by our pupils and this Home School Agreement is an additional means of supporting regular attendance.


Our agreement has been drawn up after consultation with parents, staff, pupils and governors.

Our school rules are:

  • Do my best at all times and recognise my own successes.

This means having a go and taking risks. Remember to feel proud of yourself when you learn something or do the right thing.


  • Remember to respect others and have good manners.

This means not talking in class when someone else is talking, to listen, be polite and follow instructions straight away.


  • Be kind and honest to others.

Do not bully, threaten, tell lies, steal, shout, swear or name call.


  • Look after the school environment.

This means taking care of things and keeping the school clean, tidy and organised.


  • Keep myself and others safe.

This means walking inside the building, playing safely and looking out for others.


  • Help my parents to make sure I come to school every day and get here on time.

You need to go to bed early on school nights and wake yourself up on time in the mornings. Make sure you have got everything ready the night before, so you can get off to school on time.


  • Speak to someone at school if I have any worries.

If you are feeling sad, or if your work is worrying you, don’t be scared to ask for help.


  • Join in all school activities including going on trips.

It will help your learning.


  • Read at home and do my homework.

You know what that means!


  • Wear my uniform correctly and remember my PE kit.

Don’t wear jewellery, dress in navy blue jumper or cardigan, white shirt (or blue if you are in Lime or Maple class) and grey trousers/skirts. Have your kit in school all week.


  • Leave toys, money, sweets, mobile phones etc. at home unless agreed with the school. That includes collecting cards!

Playtime Rules:

  • Whatever happens at playtime stays at playtime

Don’t bring playtime problems into class as this wastes learning time


  • Let other people join in your game

Don’t be mean and make others feel sad


  • Be respectful with playtime equipment

Always return the equipment to the correct place after playtimes


  • Stop playing and stand still when you hear the bell or whistle

Don’t carry on playing football or any other games


  • Walk quietly and calmly to your line

Don’t run, push, shove or barge into anyone