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Today have a go at raiding your recycling or magazine pile and cut out logos/letters and see what words you can make with them.

Maybe you could use some of them to label a picture you have drawn. 

You could also have a go and see if you remember the song about the quartermasters stores (listen here if you need reminding see if you can make up some rhyming verses yourself. 

Watch the phonic fairy video here

and then go on a sound hunt round your house, write as many of the things you see down with a 'th' sound in. If you struggle just have a go at writing the special friend sound each time and then count how many items you found.

For maths start by doing some counting, you could count jumps or claps. Then find some solid 3d shapes around the house and draw round them so you can see what 2d shapes their faces make. For example you could find a cylinder and talk about how it is a solid shape but it has circle faces and you can see this when you draw round one end.... Maybe you could make a shape picture with the shapes you have drawn?