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Maths today start by practising counting to 20 and back in ones.  Watch one or more of the videos with counting songs

count to 20 in 1's

or count in 2's if you want a challenge

Now look at the attached sheets about the story of Noah's ark, if you can print them out do and then if you cut the windows so they fold open and then stick the ark on top of the animal sheet, you should have 2 animals in each window. Open and close the windows and see how many animals you can see with a different number of windows open each time. If you can't print it out why not have a go at making your own ark and putting pairs of animals in, add up how many you have each time.

Take a look at some of the pictures of mini beasts on these sites and choose your favourite one to write a caption about. Your caption might be something like: This bug is red, or  the bug has big wings. Make sure you listen carefully to how many sounds are in each word and watch out for tricky words. As a challenge see how descriptive you can be, add some wow words.

Have a look at the reading sheet and draw the pictures.

If you like have a go at learning the spellings for this week as well. Don't forget to practise your sounds as much as possible. Here is another place to play a game!