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Watch this story about Tom and the night pirates.

Can you make yourself a telescope? You could try and decorate with a repeating pattern of stripes. Talk about the shapes you have used for your telescope too. Then play a sleepy pirate game, ask a grown up to time you or use a song and see if you can stay still and sleepy until the song finishes.  Now pick a number of items to make walk the plank from around your house and see whether they float or sink (a bath makes a good sea, and your arm could be the plank). Make a list numbered 1-10 say and write the items down and then tick off which ones float. How many floated and how many sank?


Watch the Read write Inc lesson for today on youtube to practise your sounds and have a go at reading a book on epic.  Can you make a memory game? Find 12 pieces of paper or paper plates and write pairs of sounds on them(you should have 6 matching pairs) place them face down in a grid and then take it in turns to turn 2 over, when you find a pair you keep it. Who can win the most pairs?