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For maths today let us think about halving and doubling. Talk about how you can half a shape (cut out and fold in half the shapes on the template sheet) but you can also half a number. Make a paper chain of people, you can decorate them and make them look like people you know if you like. (  Count the number of people you have in your chain. If you fold the chain in half , how many people can you see now? Can you fold it in half again, how many then?

For Literacy, watch the storyteller tell the story of Finn MacCool, and talk about the story can you think of other boasts that the giants could have said? Be as imaginative as possible, for Example, 'I can lift 10 cars at once!'. Together think of another trick Oona could have played to convince Angus that Finn was the greatest giant of all. Feel free to write down or draw your favourite part of the story. If you want you can explore further and have a look at the episode from Go Jetters about the giants causeway and if you like have a look at the powerpoint attached, do you recognise any shapes in the causeway? It is a very famous landmark, do you know any other landmarks either in this country or elsewhere and locate them on a map? You could build or design your own landmark for your garden.

Have a go at reading the sentences independently on the attached sheet and then drawing a picture to go with it.