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For Maths today, read Julia Donaldson's Superworm if  you have it, if not listen here:     Draw some words with lots of segments and make some superworm numberlines. Choose a different number to start with for each worm. It might look a little like these...

Did you know that worms come to the surface when it rains? I don't think it is due to rain for a while here but in some cultures they have special dances to encourage the rain?  Can you make up your own rain dance? Here is an instruction for one from White rose maths,

Worm Rain Dance 10 stamps - one foot 10 stamps - other foot

6 claps

5 bunny hops

2 spins

do this all 4 times then shout “RAIN”

try it out and then make and write down your own one.

Watch the video on tapestry and have a go at practising your sounds today. Choose your favourite sound and go on a hunt through some books, can you spot the sound in the words in your story and copy the words out? Can you read the words back? Challenge your self to find a certain number.