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For today's phonics watch the RWI video on youtube.

Make some posters for around your house giving instructions for everyone. Maybe it could be to remind them to wash their hands or to make sure the lights are switched off or to keep out of a room. Be a little bossy and make sure your writing is big and bright so everyone can see it. 

If you started an 'I can' book, maybe add something else to it that you can do. Think about what you can do now that you couldn't do as a baby.  We will be thinking more about this next week.


For Maths, can you try making a kim's game to play with some one? Find or cut out shapes of different sizes, a big triangle, little triangle, big circle, little circle etc. Don't have more than about 10 otherwise the game is difficult.  Put them on a tray and have something to cover the tray with. Look carefully at the objects/shapes and then cover the tray, take turns to take a shape and see if your partner can see and describe which one has gone.

Practise counting forwards and backwards to 20. Practise this little challenge: grown ups call out a number less than 10, children hold up that many fingers as quickly as possible. Grown ups then hold up some fingers, can your child say how many there are without counting?