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For Maths today have a read of the story called 'Count the sheep to sleep' on epic and then draw and write the number of sheep for each page of the book, see how there is one less every time. Can you sing a song with props like 10 green bottles hanging on a wall or 10 in the bed, take away one object each verse, make sure you can say what one less will be. Your song could be 10 daisies in the grass, whatever you want to use.

Fill in the sheet if you want, writing the number that is one less than the number of minibeasts in the picture.


Practise counting up and back to 20.  Make a number line indoors or out and practise jumping down saying the numbers, one less each time.

Some of you could could try counting in 2's to 10, you can help hang out socks from the washing for this, count in 2's to see how many socks have been washed!


Watch one of the Read write inc lessons from this website:

Then have a game of tricky word bingo, use the attached or make your own. Use phase 2 and 3 tricky words which can be found on the bookmark in your child's reading log.


Don't forget to encourage your child to do some reading, there are some more books available on this website as well as oxfordowl and epic.