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Have a go at this game with rhyming words.

Listen and watch the story of the mixed up chameleon. Then have a go at some of these activities to do with chameleons.

There is a sheet to read and colour, words to finish and then a matching sound game. The matching sound game will need to be cut up first and then match initial sound to picture, look at the letter cards and notice that they have both the capital and lower case letters.

In the story it describes how the chameleon  could camouflage itself, make some chameleons to hide round your house and/or garden. Think carefully about the colours you will need to make it. Coloured paper or transparent plastic work well, if not use pens or pencils to shade your chameleon to the colour you need. Hide them and see if someone else in your household can find them all.


Chameleons like eating flies and so do spiders. Use the sheet provided to have a go at some addition sentences.

You could cut out one of your chameleons that you have coloured and stick it to a cup, make a number of flies with screwed up paper balls and then feed them to the chameleon to help you with the adding.

You could even play a dice game, roll a dice and feed your chameleon that number of flies. You can use a spider and web you have made instead of a chameleon if you prefer.