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Early Reading

Securing excellence

Using Little Wandle as our Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Programme (SSP) we are determined that all children will become confident and fluent readers with a passion and love of reading in their time at Rougham Primary School. Careful, consistent assessment takes place throughout phonics lessons ensuring that all children are keeping up rather than the need to catch up. The phonics lessons allow time for repetitive practice for all children to embed their learning and the love of reading is modelled daily by adults in the class.


Harnessing connections

Phonics lessons encourage children to make connections from reading sounds and words into using these to spell words in their own independent writing. Children are encouraged to be inquisitive and look for spelling patterns in the words that they read in all areas of the curriculum.



All pupils will learn to read regardless of their background, needs or abilities. Daily phonics lessons are delivered and followed up with multi-sensory practice opportunities to allow children to embed their learning. All classrooms display letters of the alphabet with picture prompts, a large alphabet chart and table-top sound mats to support where needed.      


Nurturing curiosity

Children are encouraged to be inquisitive in their learning and seek out new and exciting texts to read to be read to them. They are provided with opportunities of free writing where they can be brave and have a go at writing independently.  


Engaging experiences

At Rougham we give dedicated time to all class teachers to read to their classes, reading is a high priority held by all. We offer the children exciting experiences such as visits from authors, visiting local libraries and guest readers and story-tellers coming into school. Children in EYFS are encouraged to listen to stories on CD and using displayed QR codes and all classes have a dedicated reading space.