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At Rougham Primary, our SHINE curriculum is evident throughout our approach to our RE curriculum.


Securing excellence


At Rougham we follow the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education – “Where Do I stand?”. Through our RE curriculum we aim to develop religiously literate citizens who possess rich knowledge of the beliefs of different religions and worldviews, recognise that the ‘lived reality’ of different religions and worldviews is complex and diverse, and that generalities and assumptions must be treated with care, and who contribute constructively to debate about religious questions and shared human concerns, using their understanding of religion and belief.


Harnessing  Connections


From Reception to the end of Year 6 the children following a carefully structured curriculum that encompasses three disciplines; theology, philosophy and human and social science. Through the ‘Big Questions’ children are encouraged to explore the similarities and differences between beliefs and worldviews, making connections between them and to their own lives.




Through our SHINE approach, we aim to ensure that every child at Rougham can access and feel included in RE lessons. As with all curriculum subjects, our teachers use their knowledge of the children they are working with to adapt teaching approaches and activities to reflect individual needs.

We encourage and support our pupils to respond positively to those in class and in wider society, who have differing views and backgrounds. Our teachers actively seek opportunities that develop our children’s self- awareness, respect for all, open-mindedness and appreciation and wonder.


Nurturing Curiosity


‘Where do I stand?’ encourages all our pupils to think deeply about different religions and worldviews, and the complexity and diversity of belief and practice which surround them. It provokes challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, the nature of reality, issues of right and wrong, and what it means to be human. Through our RE lessons we aim stimulate our pupils’ curiosity about the diversity and impact of worldviews, religions, beliefs, values and traditions, and develop their ability to learn from these.


Engaging experiences


Our RE syllabus and the wider curriculum provide memorable experiences and activities such visitors, enrichment days, drama and trips. Through these engaging opportunities we aim to both build our children’s knowledge of religious and secular world views as well as securing positive attitudes towards the subject.

RE Long Term Plan 2023 - 2024