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PE and Sport

PE and Sport

Our SHINE curriculum is evident throughout our approach to the teaching of PE.


Securing excellence

PE at Rougham is taught through a thoughtfully planned scheme of work with progression securely embedded within it. Our curriculum ensures that all of our children are increasingly challenged as they move through the school, allowing them to develop physical competency and confidence, and build the foundations for a lifelong love of sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.


Harnessing  Connections

Our curriculum has been carefully planned to cover all strands of the national curriculum; fundamentals, fitness and athletics, games, body management, dance, swimming and OAA. Teachers continually create opportunities for children to transfer and build on their knowledge and skills across units, and to apply and use them in different contexts and environments.



At Rougham, our approach to PE mirrors that of all subjects. It is shaped by our SHINE curriculum and the belief that everyone can achieve and engage in PE lessons. We aim to tailor the experience of PE for each child to ensure that they have full access to the benefits of our lessons. We think carefully about the needs of individuals and are guided by the STEP principles when adapting our lessons. It is important to us that every child has the opportunity to experience extra curricular sports and activities and as a school we work hard remove potential barriers ensure that everyone is included.


Nurturing Curiosity

By creating a culture at Rougham where mistakes are seen as seen as part of the learning journey we hope to develop learners that aren’t afraid to explore, have a go and push themselves beyond their comfort zone. The progressive nature of our PE scheme of work allows children to approach unknown areas of the subject with confidence, building on previously secured knowledge and skills and applying them to new contexts and situations.


Engaging experiences

At the heart of our PE curriculum and wider offer is the desire to instil a lifelong love of sport and activity for all our children. We want our children to be active and engaged outside of school and to understand the positive impact that this will have on both their physical and mental wellbeing now and as they grow.


At Rougham our children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports and activities both during lessons and through extra curricular clubs before and after school and at lunch times. Our onsite swimming pool means that every child has access to regular swimming lessons from Reception to Year 6 and our involvement with Thurston Sports Partnership provides opportunities for children to compete against others schools.




Our PE lessons are planned using Get Set 4 PE, which aligns with our core values, our whole child approach to PE and the objectives laid out in the National Curriculum. The scheme of work is organised into strands and we have developed our own curriculum plan from the scheme which ensures coverage of all stands and offers a wide range of sports and activities across all year groups. We have a qualified Sports Coach who assists teachers in the teaching, planning and assessment of PE to support their professional development.


Our children have two hours of PE a week as well as daily opportunities to participate in activities outside of lessons. The Reception Class have unlimited access to their outdoor environment all day every day as well as a planned PE lesson each week.


At Rougham we recognise the huge importance of PE and an active lifestyle and we promote, value, and celebrate sporting achievements and successes.

PE Long Term Plan 2023 -2024