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Securing excellence

At Rougham Primary, we provide a specifically tailored curriculum that is both broad and balanced and meets the unique context of our school to develop successful future global citizens. Teachers use continuous formative assessment during lessons to identify and address misconceptions as well as shape discussion and debate to ensure excellence in the key skills is achieved. 



Harnessing connections 

Our PSHE curriculum teaches children key skills such as decision making, informed risk taking, good communication, and self-regulation strategies to enable them to make connections between learning units and into their own experiences; those of others close to them and to those around the world.




We encourage the exploration of, and respect for, values held by different cultures and groups within our local community, and promote the development of positive attitudes. We encourage honesty and respect in all relationships, and ensure sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others. All children are able to successfully access the PSHE curriculum with the  appropriate scaffolding and support provided where needed. Our PSHE curriculum allows all of our pupil groups to develop their cultural capital equally and our school focus on oracy ensures all are able to access and contribute meaningfully to the learning. 



Nurturing curiosity 

We give pupils access to big ideas and conversations, alongside practical experiences to inspire their wonder and excitement for learning. Children are encouraged to debate and hypothesise in PSHE about our ever-changing world in order to create memorable learning experiences and develop skills that they can apply to their wider life. 



Engaging experiences  

The connections and skills born from our PSHE curriculum are also developed into personal development projects and opportunities throughout the school such as the Young Leaders Award in Year 2 and Year 4 and the Accumulator Challenge in Year 6. These projects allow children to apply skills they have gained and also to see conceptual knowledge realised through their contributions to and engagement in the projects. 








Our PSHE scheme of learning aligns with the National Curriculum expectations and is delivered through weekly sessions. 

Below, you can find the whole school unit overview.